“Connecting through Learning”


GAINS Education Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GAINS) is a holding company which wholly-owned private education eco-system  from Preschool – Primary to Secondary, for both national and International curriculum .  All the schools and preschool learning centers operated by GAINS Education are  consisted  of  programs registered and licensed by Malaysia Ministry of Education . The talents  and teaching team in the eco-system are energised by  EDUVENTOR Creative Teachers & Parenting Academy , providing training and creative educational events and contents for various organisations. GAINS Education eco-system is also powered by  ASSIST10 Sdn Bhd , an educational infrastructure services company involving in facility  maintenance, architecture , designing and construction. 

The core founders of GAINS are no strangers to Malaysian education industry, having pioneered the English-emphasized, Islamic-based preschool concept with their baby brand, Genius Aulad about 2 decades ago. The brand became hugely successful that from a single preschool branch in Subang Jaya, Genius Aulad is now run by more than 75 centers nationwide. Eventually, the company expanded into different sectors of education by establishing Sekolah TINTA (the first STEM-based, local syllabus private school) and the Idrissi International School (the first Islamic school to be registered with the WWF Eco-School organization). GAINS has been establishing and continues to pave ways for more strategic collaborations which would help place her at the forefront of quality private education.

Officiating speech byYang Berbahagia Datin Sri Hajah Norzamani Binti Abdol Hamid Director, Private Education Division Ministry Of Education

The GAINS Approach

Engaging parents is the top of our ‘what-matters-the-most list’. At GAINS, we believe first and foremost for us together from the start, to ensure that our little ones are HAPPY – be it through our execution of concepts, the environment that we provide, as well as the quality level of what we have been delivering thus far. We appreciate your continued trust and engagement, to persist to excel in providing conducive education ecosystem of our own. Contented parents + happy children = breezy knowledge assimilation. Let our tagline, ‘Connecting through Learning’, succinctly summarize GAINS’s focus – to connect the children to learning, and ultimately create many generations of geniuses.

G for creating generations of geniuses

A refers to aulad (children in Arabic), our focus segment

I to inspire excellence with international curriculum

N to instill caliber and good values with the national curriculum

S for support and services provided by GAINS to achieve the above

Let the GAINS begin…

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