GAINS are associated with more than 80 schools / learning centers at the moment. However, our substantial physical infrastructure lack in worth without support and engagement with our stakeholders. GAINS Group of companies are committed to continue building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders especially parents, who largely make up the community. Exciting and creative concepts adopted by our learning centers provide the opportunity for parents to participate in the making of bright minds and happy learners. Check out among others; Islamic, literacy, original arts, value & excitement (iLOVE), eco-Islamic, golden age wonders of the world, Islamic-STEM-KBSR-dual programme integration.

The year 2019 marks an extraordinary time for us at GAINS Education Group as well as for our stakeholders. GAINS Education Group was awarded ‘Al-Faris Outstanding Muslim World Entrepreneur Development Award (MWEDA) Award 2018’ by Muslim World Entrepreneur Development, OIC Today. With many years of accumulated experience and such prestigious international recognition, GAINS would put forward more initiatives for the benefit of the parents, children and the community at large.