‘Connecting through Learning’

English-emphasized, Islamic-based

GAINS is a holding company which wholly-owned the subsidiaries of a complete range of education services from Preschool – Primary to Secondary, for both National and International curricula. It is Bumiputera and Islamic institution which has the most complete range licensed by Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE).

Formed in 2017, the core founders of GAINS Education Group are no strangers to the national education industry, having established and popularized the English-emphasized, Islamic-based preschool market with their baby brand, Genius Aulad way back in 2000.


years of success in facility maintenance and design of three levels of International education from Preschool , Primary and Secondary.

years of proven track record serving one of the largest chain of Early Childhood centres in Malaysia.

establishments of facility consultation, design and maintenance of Early Childhood centres in Malaysia and Indonesia.

From a single preschool branch in Subang Jaya, Genius Aulad has since grown to more than 70 branches nationwide. Eventually, we branched out further into different sectors of education by establishing Sekolah TINTA (the first STEM-based, local syllabus private school) and the Idrissi International School (the first Islamic school to be registered with the WWF Eco-School organization).

GAINS ecosystem

What’s important to make your children love going to school? Good facilities? Safe and conducive learning environment? Proactive staff? Interesting activities? All of the above? Yes! The right ecosystem is essential for developing connective learning concepts, imparting holistic education. GAINS Group sets the benchmark in quality education by providing platforms for students to ‘connect through learning via synergistic programmes throughout the year. Eduventor and Assist 10, were both established to complete the equation, strengthening GAINS support for holistic education ecosystem.

Let’s collaborate. We can complete the equation better, together.

brighter generation

Our tagline, ‘Connecting through Learning’, succinctly summarizes GAINS Education Group’s aspiration to take the quality of our local education to the next level, and ultimately create a brighter generation through our concepts and ideas.

The GAINS Motto / Tagline

Connecting through Learning

The GAINS Vision

To become THE education platform that connects the young to a brighter, future by molding them into becoming holistic individuals.

The GAINS Mission

To create a connective ecosystem of holistic teaching and learning where teachers can make a difference, learners assimilate completely, and parents will be at ease.