Let me begin by expressing sincerest gratitude to all of you enthusiastic parents for trusting us to provide a great foundation for your child’s future. Alhamdulillah, recognition from the country’s regulating agency, partnership with some of the world’s most established bodies and awards conferred by numerous media over the years are indication of our commitment to always do our best and aim for the stars. We know, having a big role in molding the 21st century generation is a great challenge. Most of us at GAINS too are parents thus we can relate to your concerns over your child’s education. Let us work together to pave ways for our children to “connect through learning”.

Subhanallah, with our fully supported learning ecosystem, comfortable environment, world class curriculum and wholesome concepts, schools and learning centers operated by GAINS group of companies groom our students to grow up admirable in characters. They learn science, math and modern technology imbued by Islamic virtues and be guided to apply the principles in their daily lives. I am pleased to invite you to count on our resources, precise planning, passion and dedication to enrich your child’s early learning experience. Can’t wait to make your child excited to go to school already?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing”. GAINS Education Group InsyaAllah carries the experience and caliber to give your child meaningful education. So, if privileged niche institution, high quality learning ecosystem, English medium private education are the focus for your children, look no further. I am keen to begin our journey together, in giving a head start to your child’s bright future.

Zaliza Binti Alias
CEO, GAINS Education